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Gulf Valve

Gulf Valve’s Wafer Check™ is a general purpose check valve designed to protect your gas and liquid piping systems. Its superior performance and proven reliability, as well as an initial and maintenance cost savings, make Gulf Wafer Check the obvious choice over conventional swing checks or any other swing checks or any other check valve design.

  • Wide Range of Service

  • Size Range: 2" to 72" (50mm to 1500mm)

  • Temperature Range: -426°F to 1100°F, (-267°C to 640°C)

  • Pressure Classes: Designed and Rated for ANSI 125 thru 2500, API 2000 thru 5000

  • Cast Materials and Trims Available for All Services Within Temperature Range

  • Wafer, Threaded, and Through-Bolt Lug, and Flange Body Styles

  • Fugitive Emissions Design

  • LOK-Open Design

Light Weight, Versatile Design

The benefits of Gulf Wafer Check’s short face-to-face and lightweight discs are:

  • Lighter weight, by 80-90%, than conventional swing checks

  • Reduced thermal and seismic considerations

  • One-Piece body provides enhanced corrosion protection

  • High Performance & Long Service Life

  • Anti-slam substantially reduces water hammer

  • Non-scrubbing seat design assures long-term, low seat leakage rate

  • High Standards of Excellence

  • Designed, Manufactured and Tested to Industry Standards

  • ASME/ANSI B16.1, B16.5, B16.24, B16.34, B16.47, & B31.1

  • API 594 and 598

  • API 6A and 6D (as applicable)

  • MSS-SP-25, MSS-SP-55

  • MSS-SP-61 (standard for the resilient seated Gulf Wafer Check, metal seated when required)

  • NACE MR-01-75 (Latest Edition)

  • Every Gulf Wafer Check Must Pass a Hydrostatic Body and Seat Test

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