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Morin Actuators

Morin Actuators
Morin ActuatorsMorin carries a range of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators with accessories, including smart positioners, position monitors, control position monitors and solenoid valves, which can be seamlessly integrated to create complete flow control packages. Integral options include Partial Stroke Test Devices to validate Emergency Shutdown Valves and Lockout devices for safe shutdowns. FieldBus Network protocols can be supplied as part of the Valve/Actuator package.

  • Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke
  • Scotch Yoke actuators available in all 316 Stainless Steel or Ductile Iron with Stainless Steel Cylinders
Pneumatic Actuators
  • Max supply pressure: 160 psi
  • Output torque up to 238,000 lb. in.
  • Temperature range: -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to 100°C) with standard components, optional up to 300°F (149°C)
Hydraulic Actuators
  • Supply Pressure up to 1500 psi maximum
  • Supply pneumatic or hydraulic fluids compatible with materials of construction
  • Output torque up to 115,200 lb. in.
  • Temperature range from -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to 100°C)

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