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Velan Proquip

Velan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves,

supplying gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly and knife gate valves for critical

applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, fossil and nuclear power,

cogeneration, pulp and paper and cryogenic industries. See the back cover of this

catalog for a summary of the many quality products that Velan designs and


Founded in 1950, Velan earned a reputation for excellence as a major supplier of

forged valves for nuclear power plants and the U.S. Navy. Velan Inc. pioneered many

designs which became industry standards, including bellows seal valves, all

stainless steel knife gate valves and forged valves up to 24".

Velan valves are manufactured in 12 specialized manufacturing plants, including five

in Canada and U.S.A., four in Europe and three in Asia. We have a total of over 1,500

employees, 75% of whom are located in our North American operations.

Velan’s Proquip Dual Plate Check Valves are high quality valves built for long, reliable

service life in critical services.  From offshore oil platforms, to nuclear power plants,

to petroleum refineries, leading construction/engineering firms and industrial end

user companies rely on Proquip Dual Plate Check Valves to keep their operations

running smoothly. The wide product line extends from valves for cryogenics to high

temperatures and pressures (ASME 2500), standard to specialty materials (monel,

inconel, titanium) and sizes up to 60”.

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