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The TESCOM ER5000 Electropneumatic Controller from Emerson

A digital closed-loop PID controller that offers one of the simplest, yet powerful and flexible solutions for pressure control automation.

ASCO Series 551(8551) Compact Solenoid Spool Valves

Control air or inert gases in challenging environments with 1/4″” 3-way and 4-way compressed solenoid spool valves. Suitable for harsh chemical, refining, food & beverage, and life science processes.

ASCO 212 Series Composite Valve

The 212 Series of composite solenoid valves incorporate the new FasN™ universal connection system. The 212 Series has been designed specifically for water purification and conditioning systems in commercial and industrial applications.

ASCO Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Designed for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, single-use technology (SUT), and food and beverage markets, the ASCO Series 273 is a 2-way, normally closed, or normally-open pinch valve.