Level Gage Glasses & Valves, Magnetic Level Gages, Magne-Sonic Liquid Level Switches


Jerguson products represent the world’s largest selection of liquid level gage glasses, valves, magnetic level indicators, level switches, transmitters and accessories for process level indication and control. 

Jerguson is part of the Clark-Reliance Instrumentation and Controls Group.  Other companies or products part of this group include:  

Reliance® boiler level controls, Jacoby-Tarbox® sight flow indicators and Clark Steam Specialties. Ernst Flow Industries® supplies a vast array of gauges, level indication products and components for industrial and commercial equipment. Additionally, Clark Reliance Purity Products Group manufactures Anderson® Separators, HYCOA transfer valves and duplex lube oil filtration systems, filters, National Filtration Systems engineered fuel gas filtration/separation systems. Equipment from Oil Filtration Systems® is used to clean and dry lube oil, transformer oil and fuel oils, as well as remove varnish from lube oil used for rotating equipment. Enervac® produces transformer oil purification and SF6 purification and oil regeneration equipment. 

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