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Jerguson Solution - Why Safety Ballcheck Valves are Essential for Safe Operation

Jerguson Safety Ballcheck Valves are an essential component of a glass level gage assembly. In addition to isolation, Safety Ballcheck Valves provide an automatic shut-off for glass level gage products in the event of a catastrophic glass or gasket failure.

Jerguson 360 Safety Ball Check Valve with NEW Color Indicator Ring

Designed to alleviate a widespread problem, the 360 Series’ bypass mode seeks to remove guess work or operator error during commissioning. The quarter turn position — visible handle provides clear operation status and a locking pin to secure its position. 

Jerguson Ballcheck Valve Commissioning

This video goes over how ballcheck valves operate, the proper commissioning procedure of safety ballcheck valves, as well as common commissioning misconceptions.

Jerguson Transparent Gage Maintenance

Jerguson Maintenance Solutions – Proper maintenance procedures for the Jerguson Transparent Gage

Jerguson Level Switch - The World's Most Reliable Switch

Jerguson Level Switches are proven the most reliable in the world. Our unique Snap-Action, tri-magnet design eliminates mercury & springs, meaning… no sticking switches, no sensitivity to temperature,  vibration resistance, and no spring failures!

Jerguson - Mercury Free Level Switch

Jerguson has a mercury-free level switch that completely avoids the spring failure that leads to stuck switches. (No more need to “rap” a switch to get a reading, and no more bad readings due to vibration!) 

Jerguson Solutions - Adjusting the Switch Level

Adjusting the switch trip point on a caged vertical or horizontal, float or displacer operated level switch.

Jerguson Solutions - Flag Indicator Reliability

Are you having problems with flags coming out of sequence with ‘other’ manufacturers magnetic level indicators? See why this happens and how to solve it.

Jerguson Solutions - JMT™ Series Magnetostrictive Transmitter Rerange Function

On this episode of Jerguson Solutions, Jerguson Product Manager Paul Deimling, shows how to properly reduce the range on the Jerguson JMT Magnetostrictive Transmitter using the rerange function. This function allows you to take a unit designed for one measuring range and set it up to control for a smaller range.

Jerguson Solutions - Flag Indicator Options (Magnetic Level Indicators)

On this episode of Jerguson Solutions, Jerguson Product Manager Paul Deimling reviews the differences in Flag Indicators and what you need to know when specifying.

Jerguson® FlashProof ™ Magnicator® (Magnetic Level Indicator)

Avoid False Readings in Boiling Fluids, Eliminate Crushed Floats Due to Flashing, or Sticking Floats Due to Dirty Service

Jerguson® Magnicator® Magnetic Level Indicator Product Demo

Product Manager Rob Bolin goes into detail discussing the three components of a magnetic level indicator, shows how a MLI works, and tells the listener why Jerguson is the right Solution for any application.

Q&A - Let's Talk Lighting and Why Color is Critical for LED Illuminators

You asked, we answered! Jerguson Glass Gage & Valve Product Manager, Andy Teske, answers your questions about lighting & illuminators in this Jerguson Solution Q&A. The use of focused, white LED’s directs an intense amount of light into the gage thus allowing the user to view an accurate level indication even under dirty conditions.