Precision Level Measurement Solutions for Industry

Accurate and reliable level measurement is crucial for seamless operations in various industrial applications. Our cutting-edge level measurement solutions provide precise monitoring and control of liquid or bulk material levels, ensuring optimal efficiency, safety, and productivity. From large-scale manufacturing plants to storage facilities, our advanced technologies enable real-time level monitoring, inventory management, and process optimization.

Jerguson products include armored glass level gages, safety ball check valves, illuminators, magnetic level gages, lighting, FlashProof chambers, level switches, and level transmitters. 

Clark-Reliance products include boiler focused level measurement products including prismatic and flat glass water gages, water columns, low water cut-out switches, Simpliport bi-color water gages, Eye-Hye Smart Level remote water level indication systems, and accessories. 

Siemens Process Instrumentation group offers a wide range of products for flow, temperature, pressure, level, weighing and valve positioning. 

FCI offers their patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technology in their design and manufacturing of thermal mass flow meters, flow switches, and level switches. 

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Whether it’s liquids, solids, or slurries, our solutions offer unparalleled accuracy, compatibility with different substances, and easy integration with existing systems. Experience enhanced operational control, minimized downtime, and improved resource utilization with our state-of-the-art level measurement solutions tailored for diverse industrial sectors.