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Useful Videos

IQ3 Actuator - Evolved Reliability

Video showing the evolution of the Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric valve actuator.

Latest CVA Process Control Actuators

Launch of the CMA and CVL-5000 Range.

IQ3 Absolute Encoder & Battery

Video showing the IQ3 absolute encoder and battery. Position sensing at all times.

IQ3 Bluetooth Setting Tool

Video showing the use of the Rotork IQ3 Bluetooth Setting Tool.

IQ3 Build

Video showing the component parts and build of an IQ3 actuator.

IQ3 Data logger

Video showing the Rotork IQ3 data logger for sophisticated data capture and analysis.

IQ3 Data logger download

IQ3 Data logger download instructional video

Video showing features and advantages of the IQ3 detachable thrust base.

Introduction to Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

Video to introduce self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators.