Powerful Actuators for Enhanced Operations

Actuators are essential components in industrial applications, providing precise and reliable motion control for a wide range of systems and equipment. Our advanced actuators offer seamless automation and positioning capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. From valve control in process industries to reliable control in refineries, pipelines, and multiple other industrial applications. Our actuators deliver high-speed, accurate, and repeatable motion.

Rotork’s product offering includes electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic valve actuatorsThey also provide linear and rotary control valve actuators, gearboxes, and precision control instruments. 

Exlar’s product offering includes state of the art design electro-mechanical linear and rotary actuatorsTheir patented mechanical design offers reliable and efficient electrical valve operation at superior speeds. 

Bettis’ product offering includes multiple types of valve actuatorsThese include pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators.

Hytork’s product offering includes high strength, aluminum casted, double-acting or spring-return pneumatic valve actuators. 

K-Tork’s product offering includes high-performance ‘true rotary’ vane style valve actuators for quarter-turn valve operation. 

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Industries rely on our trusted actuators and experience for efficient and precise operation of critical processes. With their robust construction and versatile configurations, our actuators are designed to withstand demanding environments and meet specific application requirements. Trust our industry-leading actuators to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and optimize industrial processes.