Limit Switches & Positioners

Precise Movement Control Solutions for automation

Limit switches and positioners are crucial components in industrial applications, offering precise control and reliable positioning for optimized operations. Our advanced limit switches and positioners enable accurate monitoring and control of machine movements, ensuring safety, efficiency, and process reliability. From detecting end-of-travel limits to controlling automated positioning, our cutting-edge technologies deliver high performance, durability, and compatibility with diverse industrial environments.

TopWorx is a renowned provider of advanced valve control and position sensing solutions. Their range of products offers innovative solutions for industries that require reliable and efficient valve automation. 

Westlock’s product portfolio includes a variety of valve position monitors (VPMs) and valve control monitors (VCMs). These devices are designed to accurately measure and monitor the position and status of valves, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. 

GO Switch is a leading line of proximity sensors offered by TopWorx, specifically designed to operate in demanding and harsh industrial environments. These sensors provide reliable position sensing solutions for a variety of applications and industries.

Soldo Controls offers a range of valve limit switch boxes, limit switch boxes with solenoids, proximity switches, and position transmitters. 

Rotork Instruments product offering includes pressure relief valves, filter regulators, volume boosters, I/P converters, valve positioners, pressure switches, valve positioners, and proximity switches 

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Industries such as manufacturing, robotics, material handling, and assembly rely on our trusted solutions to ensure precise positioning, prevent equipment damage, and streamline workflow. With our industry-leading limit switches and positioners, you can enhance operational control, reduce downtime, and maximize productivity, driving your industrial processes towards success.