Revolutionize Your Industrial Process: Our Valve Solutions

Valves play a vital role in industrial processes, enabling precise control and regulation of fluid and gas flows. Our comprehensive range of high-quality valves caters to diverse industrial applications, providing exceptional performance and reliability. From flow control in pipelines to pressure regulation in manufacturing systems, our valves ensure efficient and safe operations.

WKM’s product offering includes gate valves, trunnion-mounted and floating ball valves, and butterfly valves.

Cameron’s product offering includes ASME and API valves that service the demands of global drilling, production, pipeline, storage, transmission, and critical service applications. 

Grove’s product offering includes a full range of trunnion-mounted split-body side-entry ball valves with an array of valve sizes and pressure classes. 

PBV Valves is a reputable provider of high-quality valves and related products for various industries. Their extensive product offering includes a wide range of ball valves, gate valves, check valves, and specialty valves designed to meet diverse application needs. 

AOP Industries offering includes floating, trunnion, ball valves, check valves, gauge valves, and needle valves.

Western Valve’s offering includes a competitively priced double block and bleed plug valve for multiple industrial applications. 

DSI’s offering includes cast and forged gate, globe and check valves that are designed, engineered and manufactured in strict accordance with national piping standards. 

ABZ’s offering includes a complete range of butterfly valves for a variety of applications. 

Dyna-Flo’s offering includes linear and rotary control valves, pneumatic actuators, and control systems for multiple industries.

BelGas’s offering includes a full line of general purpose gas regulators, back-pressure regulators, flow controllers, air regulators, and other products for multiple industries. 

Mercer Valve Co’s offering includes high quality pressure relief valves with their patented “Auto-Seat Technology” for the extended life of their products. 

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Whether it’s controlling the flow of water, oil, chemicals, or gases, our technologically advanced valves offer superior durability, tight shut-off, and accurate modulation. With easy installation and seamless integration into existing systems, our valves empower industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and more. Enhance your industrial processes with our trusted valves that deliver optimal performance and long-lasting functionality.