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Valve Automation
I-CON Solutions, Inc. offers cutting-edge valve automation solutions that streamline and optimize industrial processes, enabling seamless control and efficient operation of valves in diverse applications.
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About Us

100 Years Of Sales & Service Excellence With One Main Focus: Taking Care Of The Customer.

I-CON Solutions opened for business September 1, 2003. Our experience dates back to the 1970’s with the B.J. Alberts Company in Wichita, Kansas. I-CON was incorporated as a new company to continue to promote valve automation, compressors, instrumentation, and control products. The company is owned and operated by John Frazier and Scot Immenschuh. Our focus still remains the same as in the beginning: to support the needs of our customers.

I-CON Solutions serves numerous industries and their people including Refining, Chemical, Natural Gas Transmission, Distribution, Gas Fractionation and Storage, Fertilizer Manufacturing, Power Generation and related process facilities. We offer solutions for end users, OEMs and engineering contractors. 

Our Offering

We are industry professionals and produce the most reliable solution for your application.

We provide products to support the measure and monitor of flow, level, temperature, steam, and pressure. These products range from solenoid valves, limit switches, pumps, gauges, transmitters, and much more.

We supply and support multiple different types of valves; gates, globes, check valves, butterfly, segmented, ball, and control valves. We also specialize in providing multiple types of actuators to automate these different types of valves including multi-turn, quarter-turn, linear, and fail-safe by utilizing different types of operators using electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic technologies.

Our team supports compressed air and vacuum solutions by offering sales and service in the region.  Our experienced staff offers high industry knowledge when needing to replace or add a piece of equipment, and service when needing assistance to maintain your equipment.  We also provide design-built solutions if a full compressor room is needed.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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